Whiskey Lab Design 

It's not always practical to have a basement full of 50 gallon barrels to age whiskey, so we developed something new. Our goal is to match the experience of using a traditional full sized barrel on an at-home scale. 

Learn all about it here:

Our design:
==>    Balances the liquid volume to wood surface area
==>    Provides control of the wood type, toast, and char
==>    Breathes like a real barrel
==>    Blocks light
==>    Allows for easy tasting during the aging process 

It also:
==>    Has a viewing bulb to see color changes as the liquid matures
==>    Makes labeling and documenting the aging progress convenient
==>    Doubles as a serving vessel with clean pouring
==>    Can be reused by simply replacing the wood barrel head for a different aging experience